Red Wattlebirds breeding

Spring must be here.

Birds are nesting or have young everywhere.

Yesterday I wrote about the resident New Holland Honeyeaters nesting in our garden quite close to our house. Today it is the turn of another species of honeyeater, the Red Wattlebird. Over the last week or so I have been watching their nest near the driveway. This one was some 4 metres up in a mallee tree; the New Holland Honeyeater’s nest was less than a metre above the ground.

Newly fledged Red Wattlebird

Newly fledged Red Wattlebird

The baby wattlebirds have been chirping from the nest for some days. Today they ventured out of the nest for the first time. They are not yet confident flyers but they make up for this with their incessant chirping. This is to attract the parents to the spot to which they have awkwardly fluttered.

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Red Wattlebird

Red Wattlebird


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