Rain at Last

Rainbow Lorikeets

Rainbow Lorikeets

South Australia – along with many other parts of the country – has been suffering terribly through an extended period of drought over the last few years. The land is parched dry and the flora – and probably the fauna as well – has been suffering.

Over the last three days however, the state has received its best rain in over four months. Here where we live in Murray Bridge it’s the best rain we’ve had in over eight months. In fact, except for a few showers a few weeks ago, this is this only rain we’ve had this year.  And the weather people are forecasting more of the same over the coming days.

It is about now that grain farmers (mainly wheat and barley) are preparing to sow their seed for the coming season. This is perfect timing for them. Now we wait for good follow up rains over the next six months or so.

I have been interested to note that most birds have been relatively quiet today. Mind you, they’ve probably been sheltering from the heavy rain.

I don’t have a photo of the rain. Instead I’ve included a photo of two Rainbow Lorikeets.

Special Note: Today is Australia’s most sacred non-religious day: ANZAC DAY. On this day we stop to remember those who served in war.

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2 Responses to “Rain at Last”

  1. John Tongue says:

    Hi Trevor,
    I wish we could get the Rainbow Lorikeets around here to come and feed in our yard like that. We have been trying to attract them for almost a year now, so that, in conjunction with the Department of Primary Industries, we can eradicate them! They are introduced to Tasmania, are breeding up quite alarmingly, and the fer is their effect on the endangered Swift Parrots. However, until we can get them feeding, we can do little to try to control them.

    PS, we’ve also had nice rain over the last few days, with more – plus snow – forecast over the next few.

  2. Trevor says:

    Hi John. Great to hear you’ve had rain too. We’ve had over an inch with more on the way. That may not sound like much to you, but when the annual average here in Murray Bridge is less than 14 inches, it’s significant.

    Not so sure about that snow. Bit early for my liking. The wind was quite cold here today but we managed tonight without getting the fire started. We usually wait until Anzac Day before we fire it up.

    I need to come clean about the photo above. Rainbow Lorikeets do visit our garden to feed on the trees that happen to be flowering. Usually, however, they just fly over at speed. The photo above was taken several years ago near the restaurant of the Cleland Wildlife Park in the Adelaide Hills. I only supply water – not feed – in our garden. We prefer to attract the birds by what we have planted, rather than artificial feeding.

    Pity about the Rainbow Lorikeets V Swift Parrots in Tasmania. Some species have that habit of taking over where they are not wanted. It is a dilemma indeed.

    Take care.

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