Rock Parrot, Marion Bay, Yorke Peninsula

Rock Parrot, Marion Bay, Yorke Peninsula

While we were at Penguin Point at Marion Bay on Yorke Peninsula just over a week ago I braved the wild gale force winds and went for a short walk along the ridge top. As I was returning a green parrot landed on the well made path. It walked a few metres in front of me then stopped to chew on a flower on the edge of the path. I took a few photos and then attempted to get a little closer, but it flew off into the sand dunes and I didn’t see it again.

Rock Parrot, Marion Bay, Yorke Peninsula

I’d seen over a dozens Rock Parrots in this spot on my last visit some years ago. The sight of so many together was unforgettable. This time I had to be content with a brief view of just one. The poor weather probably had something to do with only seeing one, so I considered myself lucky to have seen any at all.

Rock Parrots are one of a family of parrots known as Neophemas. The group also includes the Blue-winged Parrot, Elegant Parrot, Orange-bellied Parrot (endangered), Turquoise Parrot and Scarlet-chested Parrot. The Rock Parrot is generally a bird of coastal regions, its preferred habitat includes granite outcrops, islands, headlands, coastal dunes, scrubs and grasslands near the coast.

Coast dunes at Penguin Point, Marion Bay, Yorke Peninsula

Rock Parrot habitat, Penguin Point, Marion Bay


3 Responses to “Rock Parrot, Marion Bay, Yorke Peninsula”

  1. John Tongue says:

    Lovely shots, Trevor. We got some “reasonable” ones of some birds on the footpath in Port Lincoln.

  2. Trevor says:

    Thanks John. Lovely bird to see and I was delighted to add it to my list for our short holiday. Managed a reasonable list despite atrocious weather but we had no choice as we were locked into the carer programme for Corinne’s mother. Got a good photo of the Malleefowl – a stuffed one in the NP office display area.

  3. John Tongue says:

    Hmmm We had to make do with photos of MAllefowl like that for years!

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