Wool Bay and Port Giles, Yorke Peninsula

New Holland Honeyeater at Wool Bay, Yorke Peninsula

On our short holiday on Yorke Peninsula last week we stopped briefly at Wool Bay to take a few photos of the bay (see photos below). The New Holland Honeyeater shown in the photo above popped up and posed nicely for me in the Templetonia retusa plant near where we parked. The last rays of the setting sun washed over the bird and the bush.

Templetonia retusa at Wool Bay, Yorke Peninsula

Wool Bay is a small coastal settlement with a popular jetty often used by locals and visitors as a good fishing spot. In years gone by the jetty was a safe port for ships loading the wool produced on local farms.

Wool Bay jetty with Port Giles wheat silos in the background

Port Giles has a group of large grain silos where it is stored until ships come to the long jetty to load up the wheat for export. The whole peninsula is known for its excellent grain yields, so this is a busy port all year. In fact, as we passed the port we saw four ships at anchor out in the bay and another two arrived during the weekend. I’ve just checked the shipping schedule and one is currently berthed and loading, while the others will load during the next two weeks.

Port Giles wheat silos, Yorke Peninsula


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