Silver Gulls, Sturt Reserve, Murray Bridge

Silver Gull, Sturt Reserve, Murray Bridge

I know that Silver gulls are very common throughout Australia, but I must admit that I always enjoy taking photos of them. Generally, they are not at all afraid of humans (except for those over-active  little versions who insist on chasing them), so they are usually very easy photographic subjects to practice on. On my recent visit to the local Sturt Reserve I managed several acceptable shots of some of the gulls, as shown here on this post today.

Silver Gulls, despite often acting as garbage disposal units on beaches, river banks and picnic areas, are quite beautiful birds in my view. They have such clean lines and pure colours. I usually forget their scavenging habits and concentrate on the positive aspects of their appearance.

Silver Gull, Sturt Reserve, Murray Bridge

Silver Gull, Sturt Reserve, Murray Bridge


5 Responses to “Silver Gulls, Sturt Reserve, Murray Bridge”

  1. Louise says:

    Our snap moments are continuing Trevor. I photographed quite a few gulls while I was on leave over the past few weeks, and will do a post about them sometime. We do take them for granted, and their behavior is rather raucous, but when you stop and look at individual birds they are actually a very attractive bird- especially the white spots on their flight feathers.

  2. Trevor says:

    Spot on Louise. Despite their less desirable habits, I think they are beautiful birds. I’m still trying to master photographing them in flight – a good species to practise on I think.

  3. Trevor says:

    Oh Wendy – you are so right. But then every now and then one gets a lovely surprise.

  4. Malcolm says:

    I have a nice photo of a Silver Gull in flight. I can post it here if you like, but not sure how I would do that.

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