Talking about birds

Red Capped Robin

Last night I was guest speaker at a local church fellowship group. I chose as my topic “Lessons from the birds”, drawing examples from the behaviour and habits of our Australian birds which illustrate principles mentioned in the Bible. I used some of the photos shown here on this site over recent years. The photo above was one of them and was much admired by those present.

This presentation made something of a departure from my normal illustrated talks about Australian birds where I only talk about the habits and distribution of the birds I choose to include in the photos. I’m very comfortable with either approach. I have yet another method when I talk to the local bird club. Being aviculturists I tend to talk only about those birds commonly kept in captivity. In tailoring my talks to the intended audience, I find that people are far more attentive.

This most recent talk was for a local organisation, one of the churches in our city. I am prepared to travel and present talks about our beautiful birds and only ask that my travelling costs be covered.

Last night gave me the opportunity to use my new data projector for the first time too.

Good birding.


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  1. John Tongue says:

    Ahh! Beautiful!

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