Red-rumped parrots and the morning paper

Red-rumped parrot (male)

This morning I walked down our long driveway to collect the newspaper. I heard a twittering in the tree above me and I was delighted to see two Red-rumped Parrots. A male and female with the male perched in the early morning sunshine lighting up the beautiful colours.

This is a common and widespread species in our region, the lower Murray River district of South Australia. Despite being common in our area, we rarely have them visit our garden and five acre block. I find this both strange and disapppointing; strange that I can’t account for them not visiting, and disappointing because they are such beautiful birds.

Of course, I didn’t have my camera with me, and they didn’t hang around long enough for me to race inside, fire up the camera, and chase them down. You get that.

So… I’ve included in this post some photos I prepared earlier. I took these on a recent visit to Riverglades, a wetland over the other side of the Murray River from our home.

They are beautiful birds, especially the colourful male. The female is much duller.

Good birding.

Red-rumped parrot (male)

Red-rumped parrots (male on left, female on right)


3 Responses to “Red-rumped parrots and the morning paper”

  1. John Tongue says:

    Really beautiful birds, Trevor. We used to get lots when we lived in NSW, but sadly the species doesn’t occur in Tassie.

  2. Brenton says:

    I see these amazing little parrots in the centre of Adelaide. Often when I wait for the bus, the red-rumps are flying from tree to tree and I have been told that office workers see the parrots nesting on ledges, especially on the old buildings. Very resilient. Recently, I viewed Adelaide Rosellas, Eastern Rosellas Rainbow Lorikeets and Red-rumps all journeying down King William Street whilst waiting for the bus.

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