Taronga Zoological Park Pt 2

Above: Photo of a Galah at the Bird Show at Taronga Zoo, Sydney.

The Galah pictured above is featured in the Bird Show at the Taronga Zoological Park. The keeper asks a member of the audience to place a coin in his or her palm and to stand up. The Galah then flies to the audience member and collects the coin. It then flies back to the keeper and pops the coins in the keeper’s pocket. After some more banter from the keeper the bird returns the coin to its original owner. It is all very amusing and indicates how some of our birds can be trained to do tricks like this.As well as seeing many birds, both wild and captive, there are many interesting animals to view. One of these is the Himalayan Thar, a species I saw in the wild only a few weeks ago on a trek through the Everest region of the Himalayan mountains.

Above: Photo of an Himalayan Thar, Taronga Zoo, Sydney.

Another highlight on one’s visit to this zoo is the many absolutely stunning views of Sydney Harbour from the grounds of Taronga Park. It is almost worth paying the entrance fee just to see the great views.

Above: Photo showing the view of Sydney CBD from Taronga Zoo.


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