Taronga Zoological Park

Above: Photo of the entrance to Taronga Zoological Park, Sydney.
We are in Sydney visiting our son and daughter in law. Today we went to the Taronga Zoological Park. it has been almost six years since our last visit. There have been many changes made since then. It was quite obvious that big attempts have been made to improve both the animal displays and the overall facilities for humans.

While our prime objective was to view the animal displays, I cannot help being on the lookout for native Australian birds flying around free. Many of the enclosure’s feed trays provide a free meal for some of our native species. This Noisy Miner didn’t need to get into one of the cages. It just fed from a bottlebrush flower poking though one of the aviaries.

Above: Photo of Noisy Miner feeding on a bottlebrush (Callistemon sp)

As we were going along we observed a Laughing Kookaburra sitting quietly on the branch of a tree near the path. This is one species I have been trying to photograph since buying my new digital camera. This was one species I didn’t expect to see or photograph today.

Above: Photo of a Laughing Kookaburra in the grounds of Taronga Zoo, Sydney.
One of the highlights of visiting Taronga Zoo is the show put on by a range of Australian birds under the direction of several keepers. It is awesome to observe a Wedge Tailed Eagle gliding about a metre or two overhead as it headed down towards the keeper. We also saw a beautiful White-Bellied Sea-Eagle.
Above: Photo of a White-Bellied Sea-Eagle


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