Zebra Finch

Above: Photo of a Zebra Finch
We went to visit Pangarinda Arboretum again today. This is a large plantation of Australian native plants just east of Wellington, South Australia. This is about half an hour from Murray Bridge, or just over an hour from Adelaide.

As is my custom these days my attention was divided between watching birds, making a list of birds I see for my database, photographing any birds I see and photographing the many beautiful flowers in this arboretum. Summer is fast coming to an end here in the Murraylands region of South Australia so there are not too many native Australian plants in flower at present, but still enough for me to get some very nice shots.

The birding was also quite good with 23 species recorded. The best sighting of the day was that of Zebra Finches. I have recorded this species here before, but not in such good numbers. They almost outnumbered the commonest bird in the garden, the New Holland Honeyeater. A number of finches, including an obliging male, came close enough for me to get some lovely photos.


3 Responses to “Zebra Finch”

  1. Julia says:

    you have an interesting blog.
    I started kind of birding because a pair of blackbirds decided to build a nest on my terrace. They’re having the third breed now!

  2. Trevor says:

    I am pleased that you find my blog interesting. Thankyou for visiting. I hope that you return often. Over coming weeks I hope to add many more photos.
    Even the common species like the Blackbird can be fascinating. We’ve had Blackbirds and Grey Shrike Thrushes nesting in an empty pot (used for plants) in our garden shed. It looked cosy in the shed. When we came into the shed the babies would all open their beaks wide ready for a meal.

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