The little swallow and the big bunyip

Recently fledged Welcome Swallow

A few weeks ago we had a family reunion barbecue at our home for the occasion of my grandson’s 3rd birthday. He was over here from Sydney. Family also came down from the mid north of South Australia for the get together.

Later in the afternoon we had a picnic at Sturt Reserve near the banks of the Murray River here in Murray Bridge. With four children under the age of 9 we thought it good for them to burn off some energy on the playground before they undertook the long journey home.

I took my young nephew on a walk along the river bank. At one point we stopped to watch the local Bunyip – the only specimen of this fearsome mythological creature in captivity. It’s well trained; on inserting a dollar coin in the slot it will rise up out of its watery bed and roar in a frightening way.

While we were watching the monster strut its stuff I was aware of some Welcome Swallows flying in and out of the cage. One swallow was not flying much and I realised it was a recently fledged bird. It posed obligingly for my camera, and watched me from about a metre away.

Bird photography doesn’t get any better than that.

Warning: Don’t get frightened as you scroll down through the photos below because there is a photo of the dreaded Bunyip.

Recently fledged Welcome Swallow

Recently fledged Welcome Swallow

The Bunyip, Sturt Reserve, Murray Bridge, South Australia


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  1. Susy says:

    Hi, we raised a darling little Welcome Swallow who fell or was pushed out of its nest and who was our obsession until it flew away on 2nd December – wonder if this could be the same one!!?? We’re south of Sydney.. I’m sure if ‘our’ one was still around here it would have come back as it was let free but was coming when it was called for about 3 weeks until it left. Sure looks the same but I guess they all do. Anyway, glad you like them and took some great shots because they are the most sweet little creatures! Cheers!

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