White-browed Babblers

White-browed Babbler

White-browed Babbler

White-browed Babblers are a resident breeding species in our garden. Hardly a day goes by without them coming quite close to the house and scratching around in the mulch or leaf litter under the trees. At other times they hop all over nearby trees, searching under the bark for ants, beetles and spiders.

Usually they come in a family group of between five and eight, sometimes more. they move through the garden in a loose flock, constantly calling to keep in contact with each other. They are quick movers, hopping quickly through the foliage, along the ground, across branches or wherever they are feeding at the moment. If one looses close contact with the rest it with fly low and fast to make contact with the group again.

Because they are always on the move I have had a challenge getting good photos of them. On this post I have two reasonable photos but they are still not great. I guess I’ll just have to keep on trying.

White-browed Babbler

White-browed Babbler


7 Responses to “White-browed Babblers”

  1. Brenton H says:

    You are blessed and priviliged to have such a magnificent species resident in your garden. Wonderful!

  2. Trevor says:

    They are fun to watch too – they are the “clowns” of the birds in our garden.

  3. Brenton H says:

    Trevor,did you start your garden for stratch? I am interested. It is amazing how planting Australian plants can give so much sanctuary to Australian bird species?

  4. Trevor says:

    Hi again Brenton,

    Sorry about the delay in answering.

    We live on five acres with about a third natural mallee scrub. There were some trees and bushes here when we moved in 25 years ago but we have planted several hundred since.

    Only this afternoon our biggest tree came down in a storm and landed in our driveway – missing everything. Will show photos on this blog in few days’ time.

  5. Max Howard says:

    I am from Toodyay in W.A., my family and our neighbours all have 10 acre properties, which was formerly farmland however we have put in a lot of trees and shrubs. One of the benefits of this is we now have a family of Babblers who are resident, and breed on our properties. Like some of you have said amazing birds, and it does show what can turn up if habitat is available.

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