Bird Word: Ear Coverts

  • Ear-coverts: the small feathers that cover the area of the ear, sometimes distinctively coloured.

I don’t seem to have a photo to illustrate this exactly except for the one below of the Zebra Finch. The ear coverts would be approximately where the orange cheek patch appears.

Zebra Finch

Zebra Finch


2 Responses to “Bird Word: Ear Coverts”

  1. Alyssa says:

    I have a male and female zebra finch and they like to stay in the nest.

  2. Trevor says:

    Hi there Alyssa – welcome to my blog about birds.

    Zebra Finches are wonderful birds to have as pets. They are easy to look after and breed easily.

    I especially like seeing this species in the wild because they often number in their dozens or hundreds when the conditions are right for them.

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