Bird Word: Endangered

  • Endangered: a species so few in number it is in danger of becoming rare or even extinct.

Unfortunately Australia has a large and growing number of endangered species of birds. There are many reasons for this which I do not wish to go into here. Many of the reasons are political and at this stage I do not really wish this site to go in that direction.

Some species are so at risk that they are on the “Critically Endangered List.” Some are only critically endangered in certain localities. These include:

  • Orange Bellied Parrot
  • Helmeted Honeyeater
  • Southern Emu-Wren (Fleurieu Peninsula of South Australia)
  • Spotted Quail-thrush (Mt Lofty Ranges in South Australia)

More species are on the “Endangered List” including:

  • Black-eared Miner
  • Plains Wanderer
  • Forty Spotted Pardalote
  • Gouldian Finch

For the complete list go to the Birds Australia site here.


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