Black-backed Magpies

Australian Magpies (Black-backed)

Australian Magpies (Black-backed)

Australian Magpies are widespread throughout the both rural and urban areas. The magpie is one of our most recognised bird species. What many people don’t realise is that there are several distinct sub-species of the Australian Magpie. These were once recognised as distinct species, but more recently have been lumped together as one species. I discuss this issue here. In essence, they are now recognised as one species because they interbreed in the wild. The three races were Black-backed, White-backed and Western Magpies.

While in Sydney recently I managed to get several good photos of the Black-backed race of Magpies. One of these is shown above. The bird on the right is being fed by the adult on the left. The photo was taken in Lane Cove National Park, Sydney.


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  1. frosty says:

    G’day Trevor,
    I’m an old geezer who luvs wild birds.
    Rotten health stops me traipsing about in the wild,so I’d never critisize your fatastic work.
    I get mega pleasure from the many species who visit my place.
    Troofbeknown, I’m continually getting their genders wrong when I talk about them on my Youtube videos.
    So it’d be really helpful if experts like you could be more precise and describe the gender of the birds instead of just saying stuff such as,.,”it’s a bird being fed by an adult”, as you do in this one.
    Apart from that I dig your site big heaps,
    eeeerz cheeerz to your ears Trevor from Frosty.

    youtube channel…….frozzytoobz

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