CONGRATULATIONS to Trevor’s Birding for 1000 posts


Congratulations to Trevor’s Birding blog.

This article marks the 1000th post on this blog.

It has been quite a journey, from a hesitant start on another platform through to the introduction of photographs and on to this point. It has taken a little over 4 years with plenty of interesting articles – I hope. The readership has steadily increased to over 20,000 visits per month – and growing. The readership also extends to over 100 countries every month so we are getting around. Only wish I could visit all those countries to watch the birds there!

To celebrate I would like to list the most popular articles over the 4 year period based on the number of comments:

Why not visit some of these articles and read some of the comments?

Feel free to add further comments of your own. (Note: first time visitors will need to be moderated before the comment appears.)


Now that we’ve reached a thousand articles, why not dig deeper into the archives?  You can access the archives by clicking here or on the link called ‘Archives‘ at the top of each page. You can also search for particular topics via the categories on the sidebar, or through the search box at the top of each page.


Over the life of this blog I have shared thousands of photos. I take every opportunity to add to my collection. Later this week I might feature my favourite photos. In the meantime here is my all time favourite photo taken on holiday in Victoria earlier this year.

Australian Pelicans, Mallacoota, Victoria

Australian Pelicans, Mallacoota, Victoria


7 Responses to “CONGRATULATIONS to Trevor’s Birding for 1000 posts”

  1. Brenton H says:

    Great going to a fellow South Ausssie!

  2. John Tongue says:

    Hi Trevor,
    Congratulations, and hope you had a happy and holy Christmas, and look forward to a wonderful 2010, with lots of writing and lots of birding.

    John Tongue

  3. Snail says:

    Congratulations, Trevor! You’re knocking down the milestones all over the place.

  4. Trevor says:

    Thanks for stopping by Nicole, Brenton and John.
    Yes John – we had a quiet but good Christmas. Have had 3 family gatherings, each one with wonderful food and relaxation, each one with my new Grandson (over here from Sydney) who thinks his Grand Dad is wonderful.

  5. Ken Rolph says:

    If we came in late do we have to read the whole 1000?

  6. Trevor says:

    That’s entirely up to how much time you have Ken. It would take a few days I’d reckon.

    A saner approach would be to use the search function to find topics of interest – or the archives – or even the categories on the side bar.

    I estimate that most of my readers now come as a direct result of Google (or other) searches. Many have specific questions about birds.

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